The Secret Behind Our Recipes

There’s a story behind each of our recipes.
Some of our most mouth-watering, must-have-more cocktails were created as accidents —
slips of hand where we spilled a little too much of something or had to make do with
last-minute alternatives because we’d run out of the right ingredient in our pantry.
We bring to you a decade’s worth of mishaps and masterpieces by our in-house bartender and
magician-in-residence, Romain.

About Romain

Born in Bordeaux, Romain was destined to work with drinks. Inspired by the colour and richness of other cultures, he chose the life of a nomadic bartender and spent years travelling and bartending across Spain, Andorra, Switzerland, South Korea, and Russia to eventually wind up in Canada.

Through his travels, he experimented with local spirits and botanicals, picking up recipes from native bartenders and adding his own flair of creativity to the drinks he’d mix.

Carefully curated for you, Romain chronicles his nomadic journey with mixology and takes you on a bartending adventure, unlike any you’ve ever been on.

Romain promises to give you more than just a recipe, to give you the secret sauce behind his cocktails — so that you can create your very own signature cocktails that dazzle.

Curated Recipes For You

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