White Lady cocktail sidecar

White Lady

What you’ll need

  • 2 oz Last Garden gin
  • 0.75 oz Cointreau
  • 0.75 oz Lemon
  • 0.33 oz or 2 tsp Simple Syrup
  • 1 egg white or 10 drops of Ms. Better’s Bitter Miraculous Foamer
Ms Better's Bitter Miraculous Foamer

Are you familiar with Sidecar?

Your classic sidecar is made with Cognac, and usually includes triple sec and citrus. The White Lady is a gin sidecar, except instead of using Cognac, gin is used. Life is easy sometimes 😉

The White Lady is a classic, hailing from the yesteryears of 1919. It was created for the ladies, no brainer there. And gets its name from the colour of the cocktail after it’s been shaken. 

It’s been through a lot of modifications over the years, and has come a long way from when it used to be made with creme de menthe. 

Over time, the recipe has been tweaked to swap out the creme de menthe with gin, to make it a stronger drink.

The White Lady

Boozy cocktails require a boozy gin, so make sure you choose a gin that’s strong for this recipe. For my recipe, I use Last Garden Gin, whose Elderflower aroma perfectly complements the recipe.

With 2 oz of Last Garden Gin, I add 0.75 oz of triple sec, 0.75 oz citrus and 0.33 oz simple syrup. 

0.33 oz is an uncommon metric, you might think to yourself. But allow me to rationalize it. If we didn’t add any simple syrup, the cocktail we’d get would be too sour and too dry. Don’t get me wrong, I’m quite sure there’s an audience for a cocktail like that, but in my many years of bartending, I’ve come to know a thing or two about palates. By adding just a little bit of simple syrup – precisely 0.33 oz, we can make this drink more balanced. 

Alternatively, we could add less lemon (0.5 oz instead of 0.75 oz) and completely avoid the simple syrup altogether. However, call me a player, but I do enjoy playing with flavours and layers. I want a cocktail that’s both tangy and sweet, and gives more to the senses, that’s why I keep the volume of citrus high, and add a hint of sweetness.

For how easy it is to sip, the White Lady makes a perfect introduction for those looking for an introduction to sidecars. The possibility of adding egg whites to the recipe, offers a silkier texture thanks to the foam, and is thus friendlier than the classic sidecar.

What’s the foam?

2 men seen clinking their sidecarNow isn’t that the question of the hour.

The foam is everything.

Start by cracking open an egg, and tossing the egg whites into your shaker with the booze and mixers. A thorough and vigorous shaking for about 30 seconds will lend an airy foam to your cocktail. 

The foam makes the sour less aggressive, less boozy, less dry and more textured.  The various flavours and aromas get trapped in the fluffiness of the foam, offering an experience you wouldn’t have in a cocktail without egg foam. Say hello to a layered experience where the silky mouthfeel of the foam on your tongue allows the complexity of gin to shine, the sweet and bitter orange flavours of triple sec to appear more rounded and offers a playing ground for the fresh lemon and simple syrup to interact in a game of sweet and sour.

Is there a vegan alternative to this sidecar?

Vegan alternative Ms Better's BittersAbsolutely! Vegans can substitute the egg white for Ms Better’s Bitter Miraculous Foamer. It’s a solution made with secret botanicals that can achieve the same purpose. What I love about Ms Better’s Bitter Miraculous Foamer is its long shelf life. A few drops into your cocktail, and the bottle goes a long way.

For best results, I recommend using about 6-12 drops in your cocktail. The less drops you use, the more unstable the foam will be. But over 12 drops, and you’re going to start tasting the foamer. A fine balance is required.

If you do end up getting Ms Better’s Bitter Miraculous Foamer, try a drop of it on its own to memorize the taste. You’ll then know if you’re putting too much into your cocktail. 

Another tip that I have for the books is to ensure you clean the dropper after every use as the solution can get thicker inside the dropper.

Is there a difference in taste between egg white and Ms Better’s Bitter Miraculous Foamer?

Nope, I didn’t think there’s much difference. Ms Better’s Bitter Miraculous Foamer works great as a replacement, but if I had to nitpick, I’d say that it’s not as silky as the foam you’d get using egg whites. Also, if you use too many drops, you’ll know what soap tastes like.

On the other hand, I have found a strange smell, when I’ve used egg whites. When I’ve used Ms Better’s Bitter Miraculous Foamer, my cocktail aromas have been more consistent and well.. pleasant.

Whatever you choose, make sure you appreciate the foam and all that it brings.

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Recipe Instructions

Step 1

Add Gin, Cointreau, freshly squeezed lemon juice and simply syrup to a shaker.

Step 2

Add ice and shake vigorously for the ‘wet shake’.

Step 3

Strain to remove ice.

Step 4

Add egg white to the cold liquid and ‘dry shake’ for 30 seconds.

Step 5

Pour into a coupe. Add a twist of lemon and serve. 

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