Aromatic Tonic Cocktail Kit


Makes the Aromatic G&T

Apprentice Cocktail Kit

The Apprentice Cocktail kit is designed to serve 6 Aromatic Gin & Tonic cocktails that use Raincity Distillery’s prized Iron Buddha Gin as the base. Double or triple the quantity if you’re throwing a large party and want to serve more cocktails.


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Your Box Of Delight Includes...

Iron Buddha Gin 375 ml
Aromatic Tonic Syrup 200 ml
Tea-infused Candied Lemon Wheels
Recipe Instructions

Apprentice Cocktail Kit

The Apprentice Cocktail Kit is for those who want to begin bartending at home, and want to start with the classics.

The Apprentice Cocktail Kit includes 375 ml spirit, 200 ml tonic syrup and enough garnishes to prepare 6 cocktails with a flair. 

To make your cocktail, you will require a basic bar tool kit and some sparkling water.

If you don’t have the necessary tools, have a look at our bar accessories to get yourself fully equipped.

Connoisseur Cocktail Kit

The Connoisseur Cocktail Kit is for those who want to take their
cocktail making skills to a whole different level. It’s for those
who aspire to have some bartending flair.

The kit includes 750ml of spirit, 400ml Orgeat syrup and
enough garnishes to prepare 12 cocktails.

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