Ginseng Rye Old Fashioned

A Spicy, Earthy Twist on a Classic.

Ginseng Rye Old Fashioned

At the heart of this cocktail lies our carefully crafted rye, aged in oak barrels to develop its rich character. The result is a fine balance between the bitter undertones of ginseng and the luscious, indulgent notes of caramel and vanilla derived from the aging process.
To further enhance the complexity and authenticity of our Old Fashion-inspired cocktail, we incorporate our house-made bitters and a touch of Canadian maple syrup. These additions impart an irresistible depth of flavour, elevating the drink to a new level of enjoyment.
Serve on the rocks, with a twist of an orange peel. Indulge in this meticulously crafted, ready-to-enjoy cocktail that captures the spirit of the classic Old Fashioned, all conveniently contained within a bottle.
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Flavour Profile

Spicy, earthy, herbal and sweet

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Ready to Sip Cocktail

Place a large ice cube in a rocks glass. Pour 2 oz of Old Fashioned Ginseng Rye. Stir. Express the oils of an orange peel. Garnish with an orange twist.

Made from Scratch

We take pride in crafting our own alcohol from scratch. We even make our bitters in house with our own alcohol and source botanicals such as ginseng for maceration. No flavor extracts or shortcuts were used. The only thing we didn’t grow ourselves was the maple tree for our exceptional syrup.

An Asian Twist on a Classic


With the inclusion of Ginseng, an Asian root known for its healing properties, you’ll experience an explosion of earthiness and a flavourful depth that takes this classic Old Fashioned cocktail to new heights.

2 volumes

For those who love the Old Fashioned, you’ll want to get your hands on the 750ml that makes a whopping 13 cocktails.

For those who appreciate a little diversity in their liquor cabinet, the 375ml is for you.