Iron Buddha Gin

  • Raincity Distillery's Iron Buddha Gin
Subtle, like a Gentle Summer Breeze

Iron Buddha Gin

For the connoisseurs who crave a mouthful of surprise, grab yourself a TieGuanYin or Iron Buddha Gin.
With elements of spice that are ever-so gentle and a secret ingredient that gives the drink a rich texture, you’ll be left craving more.
A subtle flavor, Iron Buddha Gin is meant to be used as a base in cocktails. Bright and tea forward, you’ll experience a very rounded mouthfeel.
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Iron Buddha Gin Flavour Profile

Flavour Profile

Tea forward with a subtle spice

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Right on the First Go

The combination of TieGuanYin and Johnny’s foresight to add it to gin, resulted in us getting the formula right in the very first attempt.
Iron Buddha Gin was meant to be.

Made with Patience

After Distillation, we allow the botanicals and flavor profiles to macerate in the spirit, allowing them to combine and develop.
2 weeks of patience before bottling makes all the difference.
You’ll see, your palate will be delighted.

Chinese Roots

TieGuanYin tea, a type of Oolong tea from China, is Alex’s favorite tea to relax with. So it wasn’t surprising that Alex wanted to create a gin based on this astringent tea. To remove the bitterness and retain the flavors of this tea, we distill the tea and extract all the goodness from TieGuanYin.

Two Volumes

For those who can spot quality from a mile, the 750ml should manage to find its way into your liquor cabinet.

For the rest, a teaser will have to suffice. Get the 375ml Iron Buddha delivered to your doorstep.