Last Garden Gin

  • Raincity Distillery's Last Garden Gin

Spicy | Floral | Textured

Last Garden Gin

A gentle smile, almost a smirk plays across those that get to taste Last Garden.
Last Garden Gin offers a hint of spice that is wrapped in the sweetness of Elderflower and Osmanthus.
With its strong Juniper notes, Last Garden Gin is best used as a modifier in cocktails when a slightly bitter and peppery flavor is desired. The floral aromas beautifully round off the sharp burn of your base spirit.
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Last Garden Gin Flavour Profile

Flavour Profile

Primarily floral with elements of spice.

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Locally Sourced

Made from 100% BC grown wheat*, Last Garden Gin is milled in Peace River and distilled in Squamish. *processed to remove gluten

Made with Patience

After Distillation, we allow the botanicals and flavor profiles to macerate in the spirit, allowing them to combine and develop.
2 weeks of patience before bottling makes all the difference.
You’ll see, your palate will be delighted.

Historical Roots In Squamish

For the Squamish locals who grew to know and love Gillespie’s Distillery, Last Garden Gin is based on their Sin Gin.

Take a step into the past, and walk down memory lane with us.

Two Volumes

For those who can spot quality from a mile, the 750ml should manage to find its way into your liquor cabinet.

For the rest, a teaser will have to suffice. Get the 375ml Last Garden delivered to your doorstep.