Loving Dusk Raspberry Gin

Raspberry soaked Gin – Fruity & Delicious

Loving Dusk Raspberry Gin

18 whole raspberries are generously added to Last Garden Gin to give it a wonderfully fruity twist and produce Loving Dusk Raspberry Gin.
A fan describes it as being like a party in her mouth.
The party is created by adding sugar to bring out the fruitiness of the raspberries, and citric acid to balance the gin and raspberry, leaving the spirit bright and light, a true sensory delight.
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Loving Dusk Raspberry Gin Flavour Profile

Flavour Profile

Decadently Fruity.
Sweet, Tarty with subtle notes of spice

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Locally Sourced

Made from 100% BC grown wheat*,
Loving Dusk Raspberry Gin is milled in Peace River and distilled in Squamish.

*processed to remove gluten

Made with Patience

After Distillation, we allow the tea, botanicals and flavor profiles to macerate in the spirit, allowing them to combine and develop.
2 weeks of patience before bottling makes all the difference.
You’ll see, your palate will be delighted.

Unmistakably Raspberry

Imagine a gin that’s had raspberries soak in it for 3 days. Expect a big fruit-bomb.
The spirit tastes massively of raspberries. There is no subtle flavouring here. You get what you pay for.

Two Volumes

For those who enjoy a fruity pop in their drinks, the 750ml should manage to find its way into your liquor cabinet.

For the rest, a teaser will have to suffice. Get the 375ml Loving Dusk Raspberry Gin delivered to your doorstep.